Moe Freid Marble & Granite


Q. What should be the first choice for heavily used areas in Commercial or Residential projects?

A. We recommend that the use of granite, honed or polished, is the first choice for heavily used areas in commercial or residential projects.

Q. Why are the materials becoming so popular?

A. The popularity of these materials has grown in part to the designers/architectural publications and European market influences that affect our market.

Q. What is the advantage of granite?

A. The advantage of granite is that it resists scratching and staining if sealed correctly. Acid base products do not affect nor do they etch the finish or face of granite. Extremely hot pots or pans can be put directly on polished granite without any problems.

Q. What if I spill something on it?

A. While granite is stain resistant, grease and oils can darken or stain your granite if not cleaned up in a timely manner. Wiping spills quickly will prevent stains from setting in.

Q. What are calcium- based stones?

A. Some calcium-based stones are: Travertine, Onyx, Slate, Marble and Limestone (Honed or Polished)

Q. Are calcium-based stones stain resistant?

A. Our customers who wish to use calcium-based stones on heavily used areas need to be aware that they need extra care. The materials are more susceptible to staining and scratching and are more porous that other stones, such as granite. Acid base products such as wine, lemons, soda and juice can cause etching. Extremely hot pots or pans can also be put directly on calcium-based stones without any problems. Calcium-based stones, if sealed properly, can also resist staining from grease and oils. Wiping spills quickly will prevent stains from setting in.

Q. Does Moe Freid have experience in working with these materials?

A. In spite of the natural difficulties that arise from using these calcium-based materials, Moe Fried Marble & Granite has used materials in both commercial and residential projects with great success and feedback from our customers for over 40 years.